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We live in a capitalistic society. There is no escaping that in the foreseeable future. However, there are steps we can take to minimize our impact and these steps must be taken by the large corporations if we are to have any hope of digging ourselves out of this hole. This book provides a detailed blueprint on how this can be done as well as inspiring me to be an activist rather than a pacifist for our planet, and ultimately our future.





                JOHN MARSH 

Recomposing Ecopoetics 

Lynn keller

Although this is a book about how to read and interpret poetry, it has helped me immensely in writing it. From the various techniques used, the forms, and the subtle references sprinkled about my poems. This has been a very useful tool for this project and will continue being a valuable resource in the future as well. 

Although it was my goal in the project not to classify myself as one particular poetic movement, much of my inspiration came from various eco poets. This essay was the first time I was introduced to the subgenre and discovering it really inspired me to try my hand at it as well. 

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Not as key, but still important sources of information


The necessary stuff


 Thanks to these people for lending me their stuff without knowing. TeeHee.  


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