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  • Tyler Bauer

I forgot the name

Life is too damn full of distractions

and noises

that seem to get louder

and louder

the split second that I think of something



scrambling to write it down

in my little orange notebook

where I write such ideas

I can never find a pencil or a pen

or a sharpie or a quill

or a paintbrush with paint ready


my dog is chewing away on a squeaky toy

the other is letting out a supersonic bark

as the mailman creeps by out front

my girlfriend is humming some catchy radio pop song

so catchy it squeezes right in next to my idea

now I’m humming it myself

my tooth aches

I step on a Lego

the left lens of my glasses is scratched

I have an itch on my ass cheek

I notice stuffing all over the floor

the barking dog is now chewing on the plastic guts

and the other needs to shit

the toilet won’t top running

a lightbulb just burnt out

I see another Lego

but don't know where they came from

I crave a beer, but I need to save that money

to fix my tooth and the running toilet

and my life

the first pen I try has no ink

the second one does

right when I go to use it

I forget what the hell I was thinking about


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