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  • Tyler Bauer


Sometimes I paint a picture just to burn it

lines traced and brush strokes carefully placed

sometimes you give me love i don’t deserve it

a ship lost at sea, some sailor forgot to turn it

dark waves crashing the hull, engulfed in white foam

sometimes i paint that picture just to burn it

a song wrote, melody of melancholy but nobody ever heard it

notes perfected, in a secondhand serenade

but in the end we don’t deserve it

the moss and lichen covered shelter of an old hermit

weathered and worn, has stood the test of time

but i would still burn it

and when the flames take hold never to return it

the orange and yellow glow, scaring away the shadows

burn it, burn it, burn it, we don’t deserve it

even of this, lines pondered and erased then rewrote for a sure fit

will soon be reduced to ashes like everything else

match lit, but what if as i burn it

that love you gave I do deserve it


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