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  • Tyler Bauer

the city is a coloring book

find a stranger

someone with empty

in their eyes

hand them a dozen daisies and

say they remind you of these

even if you think they’re ugly

as shit

and the world does



they’ll feel beautiful

like those flowers

for a moment

then go downtown

with a pocket full

of googly eyes

put them on every statue

promoting justice

and peace

and art

offer them to the cop who calls

it vandalism

make him see the color

make him feel it there too

now you both are sticking them

on everything

that resembles a face

at the courthouse

the homeless park

even on the naked women

stuck staring at walls

in the art


do these things

and somehow

in some microscopic way

the world will be a better place

because of it

then do it again tomorrow

with a different color


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